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  • First Consumer Protection protocol on blockchain!
  • Enables disputes chargebacks!
  • Traditional payment terminals on chain
  • Consumer protection on: 


The missing piece for mass adoption of crypto payments

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The Merchant Protocol is the first blockchain project that introduces consumer protection concepts from the traditional card payment industry to any blockchain with support for smart contracts. The missing piece and true enabler for mainstream global mass-adoption of crypto payments from the consumers' perspective

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MTO will be an important factor for the crypto mass adoption
MTO is the game changer and the future. See crypto in a physical everyday setting like going to the shop to pay for milk and bread. Pay in crypto.
It will be a huge game-changer with its consumer protection protocol.
MTO/MEO can bring a huge de-centralized marketplace with consumer protection in future where people around the world can buy/sell directly by themselves without anymore rely on bank/cex and be regulated by bank/cex.
Not only online merchants but anyone will have the opportunity to incentive business, and get consumer protection by securing transactions on the MEO blockchain.
With their merchant token wallets and hips technology I think MTO will lead the way to a truly decentralized payment platform in the world

Use cases

Real World Use Cases

The Merchant team is building an open DeFi payment platform for real world use cases.

MTO team

A senior team

with a track record of excellence

Team member john cavebring
John Cavebring

John is our first founder and industry veteran with over 20 years as an entrepreneur in the payment industry and also 8 years in crypto. John is chairman of the board in HIPS and CEO of MTO Foundation.

Team member axel
Axel Arvidsson

Axel is our second founder and COO. Axel is overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of Hips. He has a burning interest in customer care and success.

Team member robert
Robert Sundberg

Telecom and payment industry veteran previously holding senior positions in Bambora, TietoEVRY and Ericsson. Robert has been vice president in the HIPS group for 7 years and from february 2022, the CEO of HIPS and Vice President of MTO Foundation.

Team member victor
Victor Mendez

Victor is our CMO and the torchbearer of creativity and culture in our modern organization, and probably a face you recognize from our YouTube channel. Together with his team, he pragmatically builds, plans and strategizes the marketing efforts of MTO.

Team member john walsh
John Walsh

Our chief of compliance. Board Member of The North Carolina Blockchain Initiative. John works with matters related to counterterrorism, AML, and illicit Money activities

MTO Roadmap

We are building, not hyping.

The path to the real world decentralized crypto payment framework, Step by Step.


The Merchant Protocol and Gateway (MPGW) Pre-MVP stage. Overall technical design of the MPGW and the technical design of the UI for the dispute management platform.


MPGW MVP Release with minimum functionality for purchase of a product with merchant and consumer protection with support for both Automatic Dispute Management (ADM) and Community Dispute Management (CDM).


Early Alpha version of the MPGW "Heimdall" with basic support for purchases from external wallets and an alpha version of the Merchant Wallet (MW).


Beta version of the Merchant Protocol Gateway ,Merchant Wallet with initial User Interface(UI), Release of the MTO Ecosystem running on the ERC20 network

Coming early 2024

A temporary test network (MEO) to allow public testing ahead of the launch of the first version of the Merchant mainnet: Odin. Enable community participation in testing of wallets and nodes under real-world conditions.

Coming late 2024

Release candidate of the Mainnet (MEO) and Merchant Ecosystem. Sneak preview of finished mainnet for public testing and use.

Coming early 2025

Release of the mainnet (MEO) and Merchant Ecosystem. Including release of smart contracts on the MEO chain.

Coming in 2025
The roadmap is subject to change and we reserve the right to move dates, change scope or drop items entirely from the roadmap.


In addition to the native Merchant Token (MTO) token, the Merchant Coin (MEO) will also be available. The MTO is a wrapped ERC20 of the MEO, issued on the Ethereum Network.

The MTO can later be swapped 1:1 for MEO via bridge.

You can buy MTO on the following exchanges:

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